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A unique digital collaboration platform to maximise innovation opportunities.

Synapse Ecosystems Ltd
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our story

We combined the business models of LinkedIn on steroids with Match.com and Fantasy Football and come up with a unique digital collaboration platform that connects employees across the business in a unique and engaging manner..

Technology, business models, customer expectations are all evolving at an ever-increasing pace and the impact on our industry is likely to be significant.

Synapse Ecosystems was originally designed as an online digital ecosystem to support the global insurance industry by connecting InsurTechs (tech start-ups helping to evolve / disrupt) the industry with Insurance companies, investors, service providers, and industry experts.

Through customer feedback we determined that the platform has far bigger reach and is appropriate for many industries struggling with 2 core issues:

1.  The ability to quickly and cost-effectively gather the core challenges across the business and prioritise strategic resource utilisation.

2. Allow for company-wide innovation programs whereby all employees can share ideas on solving core business challenges

Our leadership team

A highly experienced team of senior executives from the InsurTech, Insurance and Technology sectors had a vision to drag the industry “kicking and screaming” into the 21st Century.

Our Mission.

To help business create an innovation culture, making the collection of ideas and solutions seamless across the organisation.
A commitment to innovation and excellence.
A commitment to our clients, partners and colleagues that we will always behave in a way that is ethical and positive.
A commitment to acting in an environmentally friendly way.
A commitment to treat others fairly, with respect and as we would expect to be treated.

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